The Best Artificial Grass Types

Artificial-Lawn-Phoenix-putting-greenThe artificial grass can be one of the most recommended options that you can take when you want to remodel your outdoor area in the best way possible. This particular kind of grass will be a great additional thing that can make your open air area look so much more beautiful. Besides, this grass can last for quite long time because it is featured with the anti-aging properties such as PE+PP UV resistant. So then, you will find that the grass will always look green and fresh. Well, in case you want to apply the artificial grass around your home, below are some of the best artificial grass types you can choose.

Here are some of the types of artificial grass that you can choose to suit the decoration of your outdoor as well as possible, such as:

  • The Bermuda Type

The Bermuda type is a kind of artificial grass that is created to have a deep green color which you can see from the green fiber and green and brown thatch that are used for the grass. The combination of all of the will definitely make the grass look natural and beautiful just like the real grass. Then, this artificial grass is also complemented with the polyurethane backing that can support the drainage system work the best for you. There will be no water that floods your outdoor area so badly. So then, that is the main reason why this grass is so suitable to fit your front and backyard in the same great way. Afterward, this Bermuda artificial grass is available for you in the different weights which are 70oz and 80oz, but they still have the same gauge (3/8 inch) and pile height 1 ½ inch.

  • The Libra Type

The other artificial grass type that you can choose to complete the design of your outdoor so well. It is because this grass has the very interesting green color which is lighter than Bermuda type. This color will still be combined with the brown colored thatch in order to make it look as natural as possible. Then, it also has been to have the thicker layer and wider blade. Afterward, the grass has been made of the polyethylene monofilament fibers, and it is also designed to have the same standard sizes which its gauge is about 3/8 inch and 1 ½ inch pile height. Nevertheless, it has two different optional weights which are 65oz and 80oz. All of those measurements can make the grass become more fabulous somehow. So, you will definitely be able to make a wonderful turf on every single spot of your outdoor area using this particular synthetic grass type.

  • The Sand In Fill Putting Green Type

Moreover, you can also consider about applying the sand in fill putting green on your outdoor area. This specific grass is actually the polypropylene yarns that have the dark green color. The color of the grass will be able to make you feel the putting green feeling every time you see your backyard. Furthermore, this nice synthetic grass is designed to have the longer pile height which is about 28/32 inch and 20oz of weight. Those specific measurements will make the grass the most perfect stuff that you can use to make a great mini golf field on your backyard. It is because the grass will make the golf ball roll naturally and smoothly. Thus, you can make your best shot in every golf game you play there.

After putting it all together, those are some of the best artificial grass types that are so recommended for you to choose. So then, it is so much important for you to choose a specific one of them that can really suit your requirements and expectations in the most right way. However, if you still do not know where to find those artificial grass types, you can actually go to the artificial grass Apache Junction to find the synthetic grass that you look for. In addition, the best thing about the grass from Apache Junction is that it has the manufacturer warranty which can be ranging from 8 years to 15 years. In the end, you will never feel disappointed when you decide to install the artificial grass around your home.